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18 Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components in 2022

The industrial machinery industry has employed many people since its inception and has been of help to the economy of countries. It is one of the largest global industries. There are over 20,000 industrial machinery industries in the United States. So far, these companies have generated $370 billion for the economy. It was also estimated that these companies in the United States had supported over 1 million jobs. Meanwhile, over 1.1 million Americans are currently employed in the industry. This statistic makes it one of the sorted after industries in the world. The best way to sum this industry up is that it makes life easier. Are you wondering which job you should apply to in the industry? This article answers all your questions.

What Are The Highest Paying Industrial Machinery Jobs?

There are many high-paying industrial machinery jobs. The industrial machinery industry is a lucrative market. Some of the highest-paying jobs include aircraft mechanics, nuclear engineers, and petroleum engineers. Without any further ado, let’s get started:

1. Design Engineer

Design engineers are in charge of creating and developing new tools and technologies. They use their engineering knowledge and skills to procure solutions to problems. Design Engineers earn– $5,586 Monthly & $78,898 Annually

2. Aircraft Mechanics

Aircraft mechanics are responsible for inspecting and repairing aircraft engines, wings, and other parts. They must be capable of working fast and effectively to maintain passenger safety on airplanes. Aircraft mechanics earn– $5,000 Monthly & $70,618 Annually

3. Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear Engineers are responsible for designing and operating nuclear reactors. They must have a strong understanding of physics and math to ensure the safety of people and the environment. Nuclear Engineers earn– $8,942 Monthly & $107,315 Annually

4. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers are responsible for extracting oil and gas from the ground. They must have a strong understanding of geology and engineering to maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact. Petroleum engineers earn– $8,113 Monthly & $114,590 Annually

5. Project Manager

Industry machinery Project managers are in charge of projects connected design and construction of production systems. The project manager earns– $5,568 Monthly &$78,638 Annually.

6. Senior Software Engineer

A senior software engineer oversees the activities of the software engineers. The team is responsible for designing and maintenance of information systems for the industry. Senior software engineer earns– $8,699 Monthly & $122,871 Annually

7. Director of Engineering

A director of Engineering is hired to oversee the activities of the engineering sector. He manages the department’s projects and prepares the team’s budget. Director of engineering earns– $9,888 Monthly & $139,657 Annually

8 Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are responsible for the industry’s marketing plan and success. He solidifies the customer and company’s relationship. Also, he ensures that the company remains competitive in the market while making profits. Marketing Manager earns– $4,759 Monthly & $67,216 Annually

9. Sales Engineer

Sales engineers help sales representatives with providing solutions for potential customers. They also plan, prepare, and carry out strategic deals in complex sales cycles in collaboration with sales leaders. Sales engineers earn– $6,222 Monthly & $87,877 Annually

10. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers monitor the equipment used, investigate problems, and improve reliability. They also cooperate with maintenance staff when installing or fixing equipment. Mechanical engineers earn– $5,980 Monthly & $84,459 Annually

11. Crane Operators

Crane operators are in charge of lifting machinery. They are responsible for safely moving goods and lifting objects around a building site. Crane operators earn– $3,911 Monthly & $55,233 Annually

12. Quality Manager

The quality manager is in charge of maintaining the quality of the goods or services. They test and evaluate the procedures in making the products to ensure that they meet the company’s standards. Quality manager earn– $6,279 Monthly & $88,682 Annually

13. Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are in charge of the committee that recruits, interviews, and trains employees in the industry. Also, they oversee employee relations, benefits, and personnel records. Human resources managers earn– $5,371 Monthly & $75,864 Annually

14. Plant Manager

The Plant Manager is responsible for the industry’s plant from manufacturing to production. He is also in charge of optimizing and improving these processes to ensure that all procedures are being followed. Plant Managers earn– $7,086 Monthly and $100,084 Annually.

15. Millwright

Millwrights are hired and trained to handle machinery repairs and maintenance in the industry. Millwright should be able to evaluate the condition of machines and their components and ensure that the machine works effectively. Millwright earns– $4,206 Monthly & $59,399 Annually

16. Research And Development Engineers

Your job as a research and development engineer is to work on innovative machinery designs and ensure they adhere to all safety and quality requirements. Research and development engineers earn– $6,260 Monthly and $88,417 Annually.

17. Instrumentation Engineer

The instrumentation Engineer analyzes the performance of the equipment currently in use, finds areas that could be improved, then designs and develops instrumentation to address those needs. This role requires strong problem-solving skills. Instrumentation engineer earns– $6,961 Monthly & $98,315 Annually

18. Powertrain Engineer

A powertrain Engineer is responsible for the design and construction of engines and transmission in vehicles. They are also in charge of the technical performance of electronics and software found in modern vehicles. Powertrain Engineer earns– $6,531 Monthly & $92,237 Annually


There’s no doubt that the industrial machinery industry pays well. This article lists some of the best-paying jobs in the industry and how much they earn. It is, however, worth mentioning that your interest in this industry should be coupled with a good understanding of the industry and where you can fit in, as it is quite challenging.