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How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test On Amazon in 2022?

Mouth swab drug tests are becoming more common due to their convenience and accuracy. They are a non-invasive way to test for drugs in the system and can be used for employment and criminal justice purposes. The tests work by detecting the presence of drugs in saliva, providing accurate results within minutes. Mouth swab drug tests are also popular among parents who want to ensure that their wards aren’t taking drugs. These tests can detect drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and other abused drugs. Mouth swab drug tests are also effective at detecting alcohol abuse. This article discusses how to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test On Amazon.

What Is A Mouth Swab Drug Test Used For?

A mouth swab drug test, or saliva drug test, is a screening test used to discover the presence of drug substances in your body system.

Can Mouth Swab Test Detect Drugs Taken Through Other Routes Apart From Those Taken Orally?

Unless these drugs make their way to the saliva, they cannot be easily detected by the mouth swab drug test. And if perhaps they made it through the bloodstream to the spit, they might not be seen by the test. This is because the concentration that eventually reaches the saliva might not be enough to be detected by the test.

Why Does Amazon Uses Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Amazon does not accept workers that use drugs. They are seen as a liability and may put their business in jeopardy. As a result, the company does drug tests for their employees during the hiring process. Because of the simplicity of the drug test – which anyone on the employee can perform– the company prefers the Mouth Swab Drug Test to any other drug test.

What Is The Detection Period Of the Mouth Swab Drug Test?

The detection period of the Mouth Swab Drug Test isn’t that long compared to other drug tests. Since the test is dependent on the drug residual in the mouth, it only works for drugs taken a few hours– 24-48 hours after use– before the test is carried out.

Which Other Companies Apart From Amazon Uses Mouth Swab Drug Tests?

It is prevalent in the transportation industry. This is because they are sometimes required by the law to ensure that their workers don’t use drugs in their workplace.

How Is The Mouth Swab Drug Test Carried Out?

The test procedure includes

  • The apparatus for the test is regulated to room temperature.
  • The swab is placed in the mouth and rotated for minutes to ensure any substance on the tongue, teeth, and mouth corner is picked.
  • It is removed and placed in the testing cup.
  • It is then watched for 10 minutes. The color change will indicate if it is positive or negative.

What Does the Colour Change Indicate?

When the swab turns blue, it has gathered enough samples for the test. A positive drug test result– the presence of drug use– is seen by the reddish-purple line in the control region of the slab. This color doesn’t appear in the test region even after 10 minutes. This shows that the employer used a drug within two days of the test. On the other hand, a negative result is seen by the appearance of reddish-purple lines in both the control and test regions. This indicates that the employer passes the rest.

What Are The Drugs Commonly Detected By Mouth Swab Drug Tests?

The saliva test is used to detect a wide range of drugs. Some of which are

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Barbiturates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Opiates

How Do You Pass The Mouth Swab Drug Test?

There are ways that you can pass a mouth swab drug test on Amazon.

Take Sour Candies

The drug test doesn’t work well in an acidic environment. Therefore, sour candies help by masking the drug metabolites in your saliva.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide hinders the action of the Mouth Swab Drug Test. Therefore rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide a few minutes before the test will be taken while ensuring that it is not swallowed. This is because hydrogen peroxide is injurious to health when swallowed.

Abstain From Drugs

One of the ways of passing the test is to stay away from drugs. Since it has been confirmed that the drug test only functions when done 24-48 hours after a drug was used, it is advisable to stay away from these drugs at least 72 hours before going for the test.

Increase Your Saliva Volume

The more the volume of your saliva, the more difficult it is to detect the traces of the drug. Therefore ensure you have taken enough water before going for the test or use products that work by diluting your saliva so that the drugs are not detectable.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Mouth Swab Drug Tests?

Some of these benefits include:

  • It also provides accurate results, making them a preferred choice for employers and law enforcement officials.
  • Mouth swab drug tests can be used to test for various drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and opiates.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Mouth Swab Drug Tests?

While there are many advantages to using mouth swab drug tests, there are also some drawbacks.


So far, Mouth Swab Drug Test has been the easiest and safest way to detect traces of drugs in the human system. Companies have employed it, Amazon included, as required by the law, and so also to ensure that their employees do not jeopardize their business. Therefore, it is advisable to study the employment procedure of the company you intend to secure a job in and steer clear of drugs.