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14 Best Paying Jobs in Property-casualty Insurers for 2022

Property-casualty insurers play a vital role in our economy. They help businesses protect their property and assets from risks, which in turn helps to promote economic growth. In addition, property-casualty insurers provide critical coverage for individuals and families in the event of an unexpected loss. Jobs in the property-casualty industry offer excellent career opportunities. They are constantly looking for talented and qualified individuals to join their teams. Employees can enjoy a variety of career paths with plenty of advancement potential. Moreso, the jobs in the property-casualty insurance industry can be very rewarding. Property-casualty insurers strive to create a positive work environment where employees are encouraged to take initiative and contribute to the success of the organization. Employees who work in this industry often find that they have a sense of purpose and satisfaction from their jobs.

Highest Paying Jobs In The Property-casualty Insurers Industry

The property-casualty sector provides competitive pay and mouthwatering benefits. Employees can also expect to receive comprehensive health care coverage and paid time off.

1. Insurance Field Inspector

Insurance field inspector is in charge of the inspection and estimation of the property’s value. They are responsible for the inspection and confirmation of the property before loans can be approved. Insurance field inspector earns– $5,138 Monthly & $72,569 Annually

2. Claim Adjuster

Claim adjuster reviews insurance claims to ascertain how much liability is covered. Claims adjusters are also responsible for liability claims involving damage to structures and properties in the industry. Claim adjuster earns– $4,291 Monthly & $60,599 Annually

3. Actuary

Actuary uses statistics to estimate the potential financial impact of uncertainty to help reduce the risk. They are responsible for the measurement and management of risks related to the company. Actuary earns $8,049 monthly & $113,677 Annually

4. Brokers

Brokers are professionals in the Property-casualty insurer Industry entrusted with representing clients when negotiating with insurance providers. The broker assists the client by either helping them obtain the best casualty insurance policy that suits them or by assisting them in managing their current policies and minimizing unnecessary risks. Brokers earn– $5,257 Monthly & $74,246 Annually

5. Chief Risk Officer

Chief risk officer is responsible for the identification and reduction of the substantial technical, regulatory, and competitive threats to the company. They are entrusted with the implementation of policies to manage these risks. They are also known as Chief risk management officers. Chief risk officer earns– $9,244 Monthly & $130,560 Annually

6. Product Development Engineer

Product development engineers within the industry are those responsible for the creation and testing of new policies for the company. They also ensure that all the policies adhere to industry requirements guidelines. Product development engineer earns– $6,003 Monthly & $84,789 Annually

7. Industrial Underwriter

Industrial underwriters in the industry are professionals entrusted with the insurance underwriting process. They assess the risks of insuring your business as a client. If it thus involves risk, they determine a reasonable fee for your coverage. Industry underwriter earns– $4,968 Monthly & $70,174 Annually

8. Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are in charge of promoting the company’s products. They are responsible for promoting the property-casualty insurance company. They serve as an intermediary between the company and the client. Insurance agent earns– $4,957 Monthly & $70,017 Annually

9. Loss Control Specialist

Loss control specialists are those responsible for the identification, management, and reduction of the severity and duration of policyholder losses. They examine the operations of those requesting coverage, evaluate the historical loss and claim data, determine the likelihood of future losses, and give suggestions for risk reduction. Loss control specialists earn– $7,080 monthly & $84,965 Annually

10. Regional Vice President Of Operations And Technology

Regional Vice President of Operations and Technology are in charge of all insurance operations within their region. They also make new policies and enforce the existing policies to ensure the development of the company. Regional Vice President of Operations and Technology earns– $12,143 Monthly & $145,725 Annually

11. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are those in charge of the creation, planning, and carrying out of strategic marketing plans for the entire company. They are employed to draw in new clients to the company and keep hold of current ones. They are required to understand the client’s needs and possess good organization and planning skills. Marketing Manager earns– $4,485 Monthly & $63,346 Annually

12. Agency Manager

Agency manager supervises and oversees all the insurance agencies. They are in charge of the staff in the property-casualty insurer Industry, manage the market trends and ensure that the needs of the client are met. Agency manager earns– $4,900 Monthly & $69,213 Annually

13. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are those entrusted with data gathering and financial statement analysis to evaluate insurance opportunities and recommendations for the client. They ensure that clients find profitable insurance for their properties. Financial analyst earns– $5,043 Monthly & $71,222 Annually

14. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are those responsible for clients’ complaints. They assist clients with complaints and inquiries and provide the necessary information about insurance in their company. Customer service representatives earn– $4,272 Monthly & $60,332 Annually


The jobs in the property-casualty insurer Industry gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives. These companies have a significant impact in our society by helping to protect people and their property from financial loss. They also help to ensure that businesses can continue to operate after a disaster, which is critical for our economy. In addition, they provide several chances for both professional and personal development and are essential to our society. Consider working for a property-casualty insurer company if you’re seeking for a challenging and fulfilling job.