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What Do Basic Industries Jobs Pay?


Basic Industries Job


The economy of any country is a reflection of the various basic industries operating within it. The jobs generated by these industries keep the wheels of the economy turning, and they are essential for its overall prosperity. One of the primary benefits of basic industries jobs is that they create a strong foundation for economic growth. Some industry sectors added $39.9 million to the GDP in 2020. They provide good-paying jobs with benefits, which helps to stimulate consumer spending and support local businesses. 

And during hard times, Basic industries also play an important role in sustaining economic stability. They offer employment opportunities that can be accessed by people from all walks of life, which helps to reduce unemployment rates and minimize social inequality. 

Moreover, these industries tend to be more resilient than others during recessions, which makes them valuable contributors to long-term economic stability.

Additionally, these jobs help to attract new businesses to a region by providing them with a qualified workforce while creating new growth opportunities.

In this article, we explore some of the basic industries’ jobs and their earning capacity.

Few Jobs In Basic Industries Jobs And How Much They Earn

Machine Operator

A machine operator’s job is to operate machines. Machines are tools that help people do things faster and easier. For example, a machine operator in a factory may use a forklift to move heavy boxes around. 

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a Machine Operator is around $63,864 

That comes to about $17.60/ hour and $4,522/month.

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 Sawyers are those that cut wood using power tools. They operate machines that cut trees down, then make them into lumber.

They also use a variety of different types of hand-held power tools.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a Sawyer is around $37,964 

That comes to about $18.98/ hour and $3,164/month.

Drilling Engineer 

Drilling engineers design and build wellbores, drill holes, and underground structures. They work closely with the geologists who decide where to place wells and tunnels. They often collaborate with architects and civil engineers to get the job done right.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a drilling engineer is around $83,357 

That comes to about $35.76/ hour and $5,902/month.


Metallurgists study and specialize in the extraction and process of metals. They are also engaged in the fabrication and refining of metals.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a metallurgist is around $92,677 

That comes to about $39.95/ hour and $6,562/month.

Metal Fabricator

Metal fabricators design and develop custom products using various metals and materials. 

These professionals work closely with clients to create unique designs that meet their requirements.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a Metal fabricator is around $50,600 

That comes to about $21.46/ hour and $3,583/month.

Mine Engineer

Mine engineers are responsible for designing and building mines. They must consider many factors, including safety precautions, cost-effectiveness, environmental concerns, and ease of construction.

They work closely with geologists and geophysicists to determine where to dig for ore deposits.

They also design and build the equipment necessary for the extraction of ore.

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Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a mining engineer is around $96,223 

That comes to about $41.30/ hour and $6,813/month.


Horticulturists work at a cultivation facility and help growers prepare their crops for harvest. They are responsible for managing the entire growth operation from start to finish. 

They also oversee everything from the design of the grow room to the selection of strains and nutrients.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a horticulturist is around $50,391 

That comes to about $21.59/ hour and $3,568/month.


Miners dig deep underground, looking for valuable metals and minerals.

They are those entrusted with getting valuable minerals out of the ground.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a miner is around $99,241 

That comes to about $25.83/ hour and $7,026/month.

Food Scientist

Food scientists study the science behind making food. They study how to make healthier versions of things we already eat, like cookies or bread. 

They also study how to make new kinds of food, like ice cream or candy. They often work at companies that produce food products.

Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for a Food scientist is around $78,497 

That comes to about $38/ hour and $6,541/month.


The work of an agronomist is to help farmers develop their crops by providing them with knowledge about the best practices for growing food, fiber, and fuel. Agronomists specialize in different aspects of agriculture, including crop production, soil science, pest management, and nutrition.

Agronomists may also focus on specific crops or regions of the world. 

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Earning Potential 

The average annual salary for an agronomist is around $71,206 

That comes to about $35.60/ hour and $5,934/month.


Basic industries jobs are essential for the prosperity of any economy. The industry has long been a staple of the American economy. 

The jobs in this industry are often characterized by repetitive tasks that can be performed with little training. They also typically offer relatively high wages and benefits compared to other sectors of the economy.

This article confirms what many people have long suspected: basic industries are essential to a thriving economy.