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USA Embassy Students Grants And Scholarship For International Student

Many people want to study in the US. But the problem of how to get the required funds to pursue this dream is worrisome. This is why on this page, we’ve taken our time to draft some numbers of USA embassy students grants and scholarships for international students. 

To further widen your knowledge of these scholarships and grants, we’ve also answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the topic. Kindly go through them all.

The United States has the best universities in the world. Most of the universities in the country are highly ranked, with a whopping 5 of its universities among the top 10 best in the world. The desire to study here is very much. Even if you aren’t fascinated by the standard of education in the country, you would want to visit the US for many things. 

Just like you’re seeking to study there, other people are also doing so. This has made university education in the US to be very competitive. On another note, the fees are very expensive, especially if you come from a mid-economy country. 

To help fill this gap, the US government, private organizations, and universities in the country are offering scholarships to international students.  Do you want to apply for any? Below are some of the popular scholarships you can select and apply for. 


USA Embassy Students Grants And Scholarship For International Student


The Fulbright Scholarship Program

Fulbright is a fully funded scholarship program offered to international students by the US government. The scholarship is a fully funded one, meaning that it consists of an individual’s tuition fee, accommodation, airfare services, maintenance, and other fees. 

The application is only open to students who want to pursue their master’s degree or Ph.D. in the US. Also, the offer is available to all countries of the world. If you’re shortlisted for the award, you’ll be studying at any of the participating universities in the US. For more information, visit here.


Fulbright Scholar Program 2023

Unlike the Fulbright scholarship Program, the Fulbright Scholar Program is different. This scholarship is mainly available for individuals who want to pursue their postdoctoral research or lectureship in the US for up to 12 months. The scholarship is also fully funded, in the sense that your visa application, airfare services, research allowance, medical insurance, and maintenance fee will be given to you. 

All nationals from eligible countries are free to apply. Selected applicants will be enrolled in any participating universities in the US. For more information, visit the website here


Bill Gates Scholarships

The Bill Gates Scholarship for global students in the US is another scholarship you shouldn’t miss. The Bill Gates foundation offers a certain amount of budget used as scholarships to international students to study in the US. The scholarship is free for its beneficiaries. It covers tuition fees, accommodation, Health or medical insurance, maintenance fees, etc. 

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Applicants are all enrolled to study in the US. The offer is merit-based, and individuals in certain fields are eligible for its application. Do you wish to apply? Visit here for more information. 


AAUW International Fellowship Program

The American Association of University Women is another scholarship to apply for. It is strictly for women only. The scholarship aims to empower women educationally to balance the gender gaps. 

The offer is available to women who are eligible and interested in its application. Individuals will be provided with the sum of $18,000–$30,000 to cover their master’s degree, Ph.D., and postdoctoral.  Do you want to know more about this scholarship? Kindly visit the Scholarship’s website here


Boston University Scholarships in the USA

Have you heard about the Boston University Scholarship before? This is yet another US embassy scholarship for international students.  This scholarship allows an individual to have free access to one of the highly ranked universities in the US (Boston University). 

Awards are available to all international students across the world who have shown interest and are eligible for the application. The offer is open for students looking for bachelor’s degrees, master’s, and Ph.D. What about the funds? You do not need to pay a dime! The offer is free and it contains your tuition fee, accommodation, airfare services, medical or health insurance, and maintenance. For more information, visit here


Harvard University Scholarships in the USA

Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the US. To keep up with its yearly tradition, this university is still offering scholarship awards for international students to come to the US to study. 

Imagine coming to study at Harvard for free. That’s an invaluable offer you wouldn’t want to miss. Harvard university scholarships are available for students who are interested in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For more information, kindly here. 


University of New Haven Scholarship

Another opportunity for you to study in the US is through the University of New Haven Scholarship scheme. Have you heard about the university before? Do you know about its scholarship program? This scholarship is open to students who are interested in pursuing their master’s degree programs in the US. The offer is fully funded, meaning that you’ll have your tuition fee paid, airfare services, maintenance fee, accommodation, health insurance, etc. Once selected, you’ll be enrolled to study at the University of New Haven. For more information, visit here. 


Yale University Scholarships 

Yale University is a highly-ranked university in the US and among the best in the world. To help international students who do not have access to this great academic hub, the university is offering scholarships to them. 

Are you interested in studying in the US? You may have the opportunity to study at Yale University. The scholarship is fully funded (meaning it contains tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, airfares, etc). Whether you’re interested in studying bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D., the offer is available for you. Visit here for more information. 

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Google Scholarships 

Google is the world’s leading tech giant. You’re most definitely reading this content, so I guess you’re very much familiar with the term google already. 

Have you heard of Google Scholarships before? What do you know about it? To help students across the world, Google is also offering scholarships to international students. As of today, Google is offering scholarships to up to 100,000 students across the globe to allow them to have access to university education at all levels. 

Google Scholarships are of different types. The scholarship differs across the level of education as well as the pathways. Some Google Scholarships are partially funded, while the majority of them are fully funded. To read more about google scholarships, follow here.


Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program 

The Onsi Sawiris scholarship program is strictly for international students from Egypt. Are you interested in studying in America? And you’re from Egypt? The Once Sawiris scholarship program is here to give you a free education at any renowned American University of your choice. 

This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their education. The offer comes with a free tuition fee, accommodation, airfare services, maintenance fee and so many more. Are you interested in its application? Visit the scholarship website for more detailed information. 


Georgia State University Scholarship Program 

Do you also know that Georgia State University offers scholarships to international students? Yeah! They’ve a selected amount of budget granted as a scholarship to international students every year to come to the country and study. Are you interested in having a free education in the US? Kindly opt for Georgia state university. 

The scholarship will offer a free tuition fee for up to 4 years for undergraduate courses and two years for graduate students. However, the scholarship will only be offered to you if you’re already admitted into the university. You may want to read more about the Georgia State University Scholarship right? Visit here



 Starting from the beginning of this content, we’ve listed the USA embassy students grants and scholarships for international students. We’ve also attached the links to the various scholarships. If you have an interest in applying for any of them, you’re advised to visit the website for more information. 


Can international students get full scholarships in the USA?

Yes! International students are at liberty to enjoy scholarship opportunities in the US. Scholarships are of different types. We’ve fully funded scholarship awards and partial funding. International students are free to apply for any of them and they’ll be granted. A full scholarship means that an individual’s tuition fee, accommodation, health insurance, maintenance, and everything will be covered. 

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How do I get a Scholarship to study in the US?

We believed that to have stumbled on this page, you’re looking for US embassy students grants and scholarships for international students. This is exactly how to look for scholarship opportunities. You search online, go through their websites and select the most appropriate one. 

If you’re already a student enrolled to study in any university in the US, this has made it simpler. Your university has a financial aid office, contact them and check out the various scholarships available. Often, many schools have one or two financial aid for international students. 


Who can apply for the US embassy students grants and scholarships? 

If there’s no standard to which scholarships are given, then there won’t be a perfect method of distributing the award. Meaning, not every student will be eligible to apply for or be granted scholarships in the US. They’re numbers of criteria you must meet before you’ll be eligible. 

  • Applicants must be a citizen of a country other than the United States
  • Applicants must have a minimum score of 80 in their TOEFL or 6.5 in their IELTS examination
  • Some scholarships or grants are only given if you’re already enrolled in the university, others are granted as fully funded starting from the beginning of your academic journey. Make sure you belong to any of the two  
  • Criminals are not welcome in the US. Lots of records will be checked before you’re allowed into the US for studies. You must not have criminal record. 


Do you have to pay back USA grants? 

They’re two types of grants in the US. We have US student loans which are only available for citizens. We also have scholarship programs or other financial assistance other than loans. This one is available for all types of students either domestic or international students (depending on the terms of the award). 

Scholarships and any kind of funds that are not on an agreement basis (loans) are just financial aid. You do not have to pay them back! 


Which university in the USA gives the most scholarships?

They’re numerous US universities that offer scholarship awards to their students, particularly international students. There’s no certain university marked as being the champion in the act. If you’re interested in studying at US universities under scholarships, kindly read more about the financial aid of the university. Some universities give fully funded offer, some give partial funding while some do not give any at all. Make sure you read the information from the most precise source.