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Top 30 Scholarships in the USA for International Students


On this page, we’ve listed and briefly discussed the top 30 scholarships in the USA for international students. Do you wish to apply for a scholarship in the US? Read thus:

The US has many of the best universities in the world. Every lover of academics will want to explore some of these universities. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in the US. And even among those living in the US, not everyone can afford it. 

Finance is the first factor to consider while looking out for the best place to study, especially outside your country. University education is very expensive in the US. If you’ve chosen to study there, then you’ve to source the funds you need. Unfortunately for some people, this stage is usually the height of their plans because the fees are high. 

However, giving up isn’t typical of anyone who’s well-equipped with the knowledge of scholarships. They’re hundreds of scholarships out there for you to apply for and enjoy as an international student. While the majority of them are from various universities across the country, the US government also gives scholarships. Not to mention private organizations, they’re tons of scholarships in the US for you to apply. 

Below I’ve compiled the list of the Top 30 Scholarships in the USA for International Students. 


Top 30 Scholarships in the USA for International Students


1. The Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Foreign Fulbright Student Program is one of the most applied scholarships in the US. It is also the largest scholarship program directly funded and controlled by the US government. 

The scholarship allows international students from every part of the world to be sponsored to the US to study their desired courses. Only students who are interested in studying master’s or Ph.D. programs are eligible. The scholarship is also awarded to students who want to pursue a non-degree postgraduate program. The amount you’ll be granted depends on your program.

The scholarship is fully funded. Meaning that it’ll cover your tuition fee, living expenses, accommodation, airfare services, and so many things you’ll need as a student.  To learn more about the US Foreign Fulbright Student Program, kindly visit their official website here. 


2. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Another fully funded scholarship granted by the US government is the Humphrey Fellowship Program. This scholarship isn’t just ordinary. Unlike other scholarships, the Humphrey Fellowship Program is only available to individuals who are experienced professionals in certain fields. 

There is no discrimination against applicants. As long as you’re from the eligible counties, you’re good to go. Individuals are chosen based on two factors: Their leadership potential, and their commitment to making a better society through the private and public sectors. 

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All expenses are covered by this scholarship grant. Your tuition, accommodation, airfare services, feeding, maintenance, and everything will be covered by this grant if you’re selected. For more information, visit the scholarship website here.


3. The University of Harvard Scholarship Program

Apart from being among the world’s most-ranked universities in the world, Harvard also offers good opportunities to students who want to study there. Harvard University is offering scholarship opportunities to international students across the world who are interested in studying their master’s or Ph.D. programs at the university. 

More so, there’s also an undergraduate scholarship for international students. While the postgraduate is strictly based on merit, the Harvard undergraduate scholarships are granted based on need. 

Harvard scholarships are either partially funded or fully funded depending on the one you applied to. Fully funded scholarships will contain tuition fees, accommodation, airfare services, maintenance fees, and so many more. For more information about Harvard university scholarships, follow here


4. Stanford College Scholarship Program

Stanford university is also among the highest-ranked universities in the world. It is a world-class research center for both domestic and international students. 

If you’re interested in pursuing your undergraduate or postgraduate programs at Stanford, you may have to try Stanford university scholarships. The scholarship is either fully funded or partly funded depending on the category. For more information, kindly visit here


5. Yale University Scholarship

Do you want a fully funded scholarship program today? Try Yale university scholarship programs. This university provides individuals with the opportunity to study in their undergraduate or postgraduate programs. 

Scholarships at Yale university are also of different kinds depending on the category that you belong to. Partly funded scholarships in some instances may cover your tuition fee only. Sometimes it may be half the tuition fee or half of your studying years. Fully funded awards on the other hand mean full awards. Your tuition fee, airfare services, accommodation, maintenance, and everything will be sorted in this case. Visit here for more information.


6. Duke University Scholarship Program

Duke University is one of the best private universities in North Carolina. It is highly ranked and has a very good record of assisting students financially. 

Among other US universities, Duke university also offers fully funded scholarship opportunities to international students to come to the country and study. Are you interested in studying in the US? Are you an undergraduate or a postgraduate student? Kindly apply for the Duke university scholarship program. You’ll be offered a fully funded award to live and study in the US for free. For more information about its eligibility and requirements, follow here

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7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Scholarship Program

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best universities in the US and the world at large. To help international students, this university is also offering scholarships to interested, eligible students. Do you’ve what it takes to apply for the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology? Follow here to read more about its scholarship requirements. 

The award is full and individuals who want to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate programs can apply. Your tuition fee, accommodation, airfare, maintenance, and everything will be paid. 


8. The University of Illinois Wesleyan Scholarships 

The University of Illinois Wesleyan is also offering scholarships to interested eligible students. This scholarship is only available for outstanding students who have demonstrated good academic prowess. 

The University of Illinois Wesleyan scholarship is called the merit-based and Presidential scholarship. Do you wish to pursue your undergraduate programs at the University of Illinois? Begin your application process now!  

The scholarship starts from   $10,000 to $25,000and it is subject to renewal every year for four years. Click here for more information about its requirements. 


9. Clark University Scholarship Program 

To help international students who may not have the necessary funds, Clark university still upholds its long promise of offering scholarships to students. Clark University’s Global Scholars Initiative (GSP) offers awards to students who have demonstrated strong academic excellence and who have leadership skills. Are you interested in its application? Kindly visit the university’s website for more information, click here


10. Iowa State University Scholarship Program 

Are you interested in studying in the US under a fully funded scholarship program? Iowa State University Scholarship may not be a wrong choice. The university is highly ranked among the best universities in the country. 

The scholarship is merit-based and it is granted to students who have shown strong academic performance. The areas include mathematics and sciences, Arts, community service, extracurricular activities, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


11. Berea University Scholarship Program 

Berea University is also offering scholarship awards to international students who are interested in studying in the US. 

The scholarship at this university is fully funded. Meaning that you’re entitled to enjoy free tuition fees, accommodation, airfare services, maintenance fees, etc. The offer is 100% funded hence you’re entitled to have all you need for your studies. Do you also know that Berea University offers summer jobs to international students studying at the university? Click here to read more about the university and its scholarship. 

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12. Hendrix University

The Hays Memorial Scholarships are granted to four fresh students from Hendrix University every year. Do you know you may be the next?  The scholarship covers your four academic years and it’s worth the sum of $200,000. 

It is highly competitive due to the few slots allocated to it. You’ll need at least 3.6 in your GPA, a score of about 32 on your ACT or SAT, and or a score of 1430. If you’re interested in applying for this university’s scholarship, kindly visit here


13. Columbia University Scholarship Programs 

Scholarships at the University of Columbia depend on one’s category. Some scholarships can be 15% of the tuition, 50%, and even 100%. 

Do you want a scholarship in the US? Try Columbia University first. The only requirement is that you must be a student attending Columbia College’s main campus. For more information about its requirements and time of application, kindly visit the university website here


14. Princeton College Scholarship Program 

Princeton college is one of the best universities In the US. To help international students who are willing to study in the US, the university is offering scholarships to international students. 

The scholarship consists of an individual’s tuition fee and accommodation. For more information about the university’s scholarship exercises, kindly visit here


15. Agnes Scott University Scholarship Program 

The Agnes Scott University scholarship program is funded by Marvin B. Perry. The award is fully funded (individuals are provided with tuition fees, accommodation, maintenance), etc. The award can be granted to both international and domestic students and it’s worth about $230,000.


Other Scholarships include; 

   16. Fulbright iScholarship

  1. East Tennessee State University
  1. Emory College Scholarships
  1. Dartmouth College Scholarships 
  1. Oregon University Scholarship
  1. New York University Wagner Scholarships
  1. Michigan State University International Scholarships
  1. Colby-Sawyer College Scholarship
  1. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme
  1. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships
  1. AAUW International Fellowships
  1. Amherst College Scholarships
  1. Concordia College Scholarships
  1. American University Scholarships
  1. the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 


Take away

You need to know that these scholarships aren’t arranged in a manner of prestige. The list is random and has numbers of some of the most prestigious scholarships in the US.  You can visit their websites online and read more about them