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Receptionists Jobs In Canada 2023- Hiring Now! Send Your Resume

There are now several receptionist positions in Canada open for hiring in 2023. A receptionist’s employment is vital in making a positive first impression because they are frequently the initial point of contact at a business. Continue reading to learn more about the job description and the qualifications you need if you’re interested in working as a receptionist!

Minimum Qualifications Required for Receptionist Job in Canada

In Canada, having a high school graduation or an equivalent, excellent communication and customer service skills, and fundamental computer knowledge is required. Additionally, many businesses favor applicants with some experience in administrative or customer service positions. You can work as a receptionist in various fields, including healthcare, business, hospitality, and more, assuming you have the proper credentials and abilities.

CV & Cover Letter For A Receptionist Job In Canada

Your resume and cover letter are your first chance to make an impression on potential employers when you apply for a receptionist position in Canada. I think it’s essential to write a strong CV and cover letter showing relevant qualifications to make the most of this opportunity.

Your CV should begin with an overview of your credentials, expertise, and experience pertinent to the receptionist role. Include any proper education or training you have obtained and any relevant employment history. Make sure to include any related interests or hobbies you may have.

The following section of your cover letter should go into greater detail about why you are the best person for the receptionist role. To demonstrate why you would be a great excellent fit for the position, include concrete examples from your education, experience, and other credentials. I would like to address any prerequisites specified in the job description. Thank the employer once more for their concern and time.

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How to Secure a Receptionist Job in Canada?

In Canada, there are numerous ways to find a job as a receptionist. Searching online job boards or classifieds websites is the most popular method. Another option is to make direct inquiries to businesses about any open vacancies. Additionally, you can network with others in your industry to find out if they are aware of any openings. Also, you’ll be able to reach out to others in your industry to find out if they know. As a last resort, you can always try looking through job listings in newspapers or other periodicals.

You must possess exceptional customer service abilities and the capacity for multitasking to succeed in this position. You’ll also need to know how to use computers and other office supplies. Any organization will benefit from your outstanding verbal and written communication abilities.

High-Paying Companies for Receptionists Jobs

In Canada, there are many fantastic prospects for receptionist jobs. The options listed here are only a handful of the greatest ones.

Receptionist Career at Nestle

The food and beverage corporation Nestle manufactures goods for the consumer market. In 61 countries, the corporation has approximately 250,000 employees. It’s an excellent opportunity to work as a receptionist for Nestle. The organization provides flexible working conditions, attractive compensation, health benefits, and chances for professional progress.

It would be best if you had a high school graduation or its equivalent, as well as at least a year of prior customer service experience, to apply.

Pay Range: $27,300 – $31,200

Receptionist career at Unilever

A multinational company, Unilever, makes food, drinks, cleaning supplies, and personal care items. The company now employs more than 8,000 people worldwide and operates out of more than 20 locations. Unilever currently provides a variety of employment options with attractive compensation.

Excellent writing and verbal communication, extraordinary organizational abilities, and a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university are all required for this role.

Pay Range: $28,537 – $55,162

Receptionist Career at P&G

P&G is a global corporation that produces and sells home and personal care goods in more than 180 nations. Everyone interested in joining the team is welcome at the business.

For the receptionist position at P&G Canada, high school graduation is necessary, as well as 1-2 years of experience in customer service or a similar sector. Speaking various languages is also frequently needed.

Pay Range: $21,750 – $29,250

Receptionist Career at Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada has over 80,000 employees. The bank offers a variety of products to its customers, such as personal banking, business banking, wealth management, online banking, and more. The receptionist position is essential in the Royal Bank of Canada for several reasons. The receptionist ensures that calls are handled efficiently and that customer inquiries are directed to the correct department.

A high school diploma is required for a receptionist position at the royal bank of Canada. The applicants must have excellent communication and customer service skills.

Pay Range: $38,369 – $39,863

Receptionist Career at Air Canada

Air Canada is one of the largest airlines in the world and has more than 35,000 employees, and its annual revenue is around $6 billion. The receptionist position at Air Canada is significant for providing excellent customer service to passengers and other visitors who come to the airport.

The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field from an accredited university or college with at least one year of experience working as an administrative support staff.

Pay Range: $27,568 – $35,920

Receptionist Career at Bank of Montreal

An excellent chance for someone who wishes to work in the banking sector is the receptionist position at the Bank of Montreal in Canada. Customers are welcomed, phones are answered, and customer inquiries are handled in this position. Although it is an entry-level position, the pay and perks are competitive.

To apply, Candidates must have a post-secondary degree with at least two years of relevant experience or a minimum high school diploma or similar certification.

Pay Range: $27,282 – $29,250

Receptionist Career at Rimrock Cafe

The family-run eatery Rimrock Cafe has been operating for more than 20 years. Anyone with expertise in the food and beverage sector which values excellent customer service, should apply for the receptionist position at Rimrock Cafe Canada. To provide our customers with adequate assistance, the ideal candidate must be organized and able to multitask.

Additionally, they must be able to upsell our goods and services and have exceptional communication skills.

Pay Range: $18,582 – $21,250

Receptionist Career at Shopify Canada

Every organization, including Shopify Canada, recognizes the value of receptionists. Receptionists have the opportunity to make an excellent first impression on guests and deliver superior customer service. A receptionist position at Shopify Canada can be a good fit If you have strong interpersonal skills and want to work in a busy workplace.

The perfect applicant requires excellent communication skills and the capacity to get along with clients and other employees.

Pay Range: $23,436 – $29,846

Receptionist Career at George Weston Limited

For anyone with a passion for the food sector, the receptionist position at George Weston Limited is a fantastic opportunity. The receptionist position at George Weston Limited is a tremendous opportunity for anyone with a passion for the food sector. The receptionist will manage incoming calls and guests for the business, one of the biggest food manufacturers in the world.

Excellent customer service abilities and the capacity for multitasking are required of the perfect applicant. Additionally, they must be well-versed in the company’s offerings.

Pay Range: $18,626 – $26,196

Receptionist Career at Magna International

Magna International is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of automotive systems and parts worldwide. The receptionist position at Magna International is a fantastic opportunity for someone with a passion for the car business. As the receptionist, you will be the company’s first point of contact with guests. This is a fantastic chance to learn more about the car business.

The ideal applicant will be able to manage incoming calls, assist guests, and provide excellent customer service while holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

Pay Range: $13,844 – $33,388

Receptionist Career at Microsoft Canada

If you want to work in reception, Microsoft Canada is a terrific place to start. At Microsoft Canada, your duties as a receptionist will include greeting guests, taking calls, and performing other clerical duties. You’ll need to be well-organized and have exceptional customer service abilities. An employment opportunity as a receptionist at Microsoft Canada may be ideal for you if you possess these abilities and are enthusiastic about working in a dynamic environment.

For the receptionist position at Microsoft Canada, a bachelor’s degree is necessary, as well as 1-2 years of experience in customer service or a similar sector.

Pay Range: $27,875 – $36940

Receptionist Career at Honda Motor Company

Visitors to the business are welcomed into a warm and professional environment by the receptionist. They welcome guests, respond to their questions, and share information about the company.

Working as a receptionist for Honda Motor Company has several advantages. Their employees get the chance to work in a relaxing setting with several rewards and benefits.

It would be best if you had a bachelor’s degree and exemplary customer service skills to work as a receptionist at Honda Motor Company. You should have the professional ability to respond to questions and concerns from customers.

Pay Range: $26,000 – $31,000

Receptionist Career at FedEx Logistics Service

A large corporation, FedEx Logistics provides a wide range of services. A receptionist, one of the positions they provide, is crucial to their services. The duties of the FedEx Logistics receptionist include taking messages for other employees, organizing appointments, answering the phone, and greeting clients.

You must possess a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for a career as a receptionist.

 Pay Range: $23,594 – $28,517

Receptionist Career at Mcdonald’s Canada

The receptionist position at McDonald’s Canada is a fantastic place to begin your career in the food service sector. As a receptionist, you’ll have to welcome clients, take orders, and respond to inquiries. Also, you manage payments and maintain the front desk area’s cleanliness and organization. This is a fast-paced job that calls for exceptional customer service abilities.

A high school diploma, excellent customer service abilities, and fundamental computer skills are prerequisites for the Receptionist position at McDonald’s Canada.

 Pay Range: $28,658 – $33290

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Receptionist Career at Tim Horton’s Canada

Tim Horton’s Canada is a multinational coffee and donut chain with locations across the world. It is one of the most well-known brands in Canada and the biggest quick-service restaurant in the nation. At Tim Hortons Canada, receptionists are crucial to the quality of the customer service experience.

All applicants for the receptionist position at Tim Horton’s Canada must have a high school education or an equivalent. They need to be able to manage several duties at once and offer exceptional customer service.

Pay Range:  $27,562 – $40,632