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Easiest Countries In Europe To Obtain Citizenship

According to a recent assessment by the UN, Europe is the second-smallest continent and is home to 44 nations. The majority of European nations are well-known for their vivacious cultures, storied buildings and landscapes, contemporary way of life, bustling nightlife, and mouthwatering cuisines. Finding employment in EU nations and relocating permanently to Europe is a common aspiration. However, becoming eligible to apply for a European Union passport is not so simple.

A second nationality is a wise long-term investment that has several advantages. Europe has been a popular destination for international emigration and relocation for about ten years.

Obtaining An EU Citizenship: Ways To Get One

The advantages of being a citizen of Europe are endless. Foreigners are granted full rights, including the freedom to work, study, migrate, and own property. They also receive the European passport, which has numerous advantages.

Multiple paths lead to European nationality:

  1. Through a descendant: You can inherit citizenship. You need to prove if any of your descendants are from the respective European country and were EU nationals.
  2. Through naturalization: If you have been residing in a country for a long time, the government will eventually give you the nationality.
  3. Through marriage: if your partner has a European passport, you will automatically get citizenship This allows you to secure an EU passport within a year.
  4. Through investment programs: If you have invested certain funds in the country’s economy or given a certain donation, then getting an EU passport is a matter of a few months.

In various European nations, there are varying standards and criteria for each of the methods stated above. For instance, some European nations forbid having a second nationality, while others only allow it for a short time and others for many years. The residence laws differ in every European nation. Therefore, you must meet the conditions in order to obtain a passport and a second nationality.

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Easiest Countries to Get EU Citizenships

The list of EU countries where it is easiest to become a citizen this year is provided to you in this article:

EU Citizenship of Malta

Malta, a tiny island in the European continent, grants immigrants their passports in just 18 months and offers the fastest citizenship through investment. Dual nationality is also permitted.

Recently, the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program was introduced.

  • You must invest a minimum of 750,000 EUR in Malta National Development and Social Fund along with a one-year residency. Three-year residency can invest 600,000 EUR.
  • 16,000 per annum for five years must be maintained or a direct 700,000 EUR investment in the residential real estate is made along with 5 years of stay in the country
  • OR you must donate 10,000 EUR is made to a registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, animal welfare, or a government or a non-government approved society.

Within 12 to 36 months of the investment, a foreigner who meets one of the above investment requirements can obtain one of the strongest passports (which enables travel to 160 countries).

The government of Malta advises foreigners to apply through their investment programs rather than their naturalization process. Even though naturalization takes 5 years, the majority of requests are turned down.

EU Citizenship of Portugal

Portugal is a great country for foreigners to relocate to because of its low crime rate and relatively inexpensive cost of living. Additionally, it permits dual nationality.

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Portugal’s citizenship requirements are less onerous and challenging than those in other nations. If you have basic A2 Portuguese language proficiency and have lived in Portugal for five years, this nation will gladly grant you citizenship. You can obtain nationality by filing the necessary paperwork. You don’t need to stay in the country for a long time once you get your residency card in order to obtain nationality.

The only requirement for the Portugal Golden Visa is a EUR investment. You will then have access to a five-year resident permit with no or low criteria for length of residence. then you can submit a citizenship application.

There are two types of investment possibilities in Portugal for the purpose of filing a citizenship case:

A) Investment through capital transfer

  • You must invest a minimum of 5 million EUR invested in a Portuguese bank or approved investment
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 5000,000 EUR in any government or private entity that helps the national scientific or technological system
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 250,000 EUR in restoration or maintenance of any cultural heritage


B) Investment through the purchase of a property

  • You must invest a minimum of 500,000 EUR invested in real estate
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 350,000 EUR worth thirty-plus years old property purchased for refurbishment

EU Citizenship of Spain

Spain is the European nation where dual citizenship is granted the simplest. After one year of marriage, if your spouse is a Spanish national, you will acquire Spanish citizenship.

Additionally, naturalization is a different route to Spanish citizenship that requires 10 years of residence in the country as well as rudimentary Spanish language proficiency. However, the length of their stay in the nation is far too long. A second approach to become a citizen of Spain is to invest in real estate worth at least 500,000 euros.

Dual nationality is not allowed in Spain.

EU Citizenship of Sweden

Sweden is another European nation without lengthy visa procedures or complicated citizenship requirements. Similar to Portugal, you need a five-year residence permit and are not required to speak the language.

Your residency requirement will be reduced to two to three years if your spouse is Swedish. You’ll receive your Swedish passport once you’ve satisfied the residency criteria.

EU Citizenship of Austria

The ten-year naturalization process is the same in Austria as it is in Spain. Therefore, it is not a very enticing choice. However, if you do plan to use marijuana for this, you will need a 10-year resident visa and a B1 level in German. Another thing to bear in mind is that you will need to demonstrate to the Austrian government that you are financially independent and do not require any financial assistance from it.

As an alternative, investing is the simpler way to become an Austrian citizen.

You will require A1 level German language proficiency, 40,000 EUR, and completely comprehensive health insurance for this. You will also need to provide the authorities with documentation proving your ability to rent or buy real estate.

The residency permit is renewed annually, but you must confirm that the prerequisites are still met.

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EU Citizenship of France

Additionally, there is a five-year residency requirement for France and a B1 French language requirement. A language proficiency test, proof of completely paid taxes, a copy of your birth certificate, and proof of home ownership are among the papers you must present.

You will be contacted for an interview after submitting the paper. You must follow the instructions in a citizenship book to get ready for the interview. After submitting your paperwork to the French embassy, it will take at least eighteen to two years for you to become a citizen.

However, you can petition for nationality and have the first five-year resident permit reduced to a two-year residency permit if you complete your postgraduate studies in France.

In France, having two nationalities is acceptable.

EU Citizenship of Cyprus

Only six months are required to obtain citizenship in Cyprus. The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program, which was launched in 2016, is the requirement, nonetheless.

Furthermore, you can benefit from a European passport without any stay requirements.

You have two options: invest in the nation or buy real estate. The amount invested in the nation must be close to 300,000 EUR including VAT. While you must invest 300,000 EUR in the collective assets of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association if your goal is to buy a house.

Regardless of the investment strategy you choose, the investment must be made for a minimum of five years.

A necessary gift of 75,000 EUR will also need to be made to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation and the Research and Innovation Foundation.

You will still need to make at least 30,000 EUR per year, though. Cyprus accepts dual citizenship.

EU Citizenship of Norway

Before being eligible for citizenship, Norway required a seven-year residency permit and stay in the nation. You will also be permitted to maintain your native nationality. You must present documentation demonstrating your Norwegian language proficiency at the A2 or B1 level and a police-issued good conduct certificate at the time of document submission.

EU Citizenship of the Netherlands

Dual nationality is not permitted outside of the Netherlands. Therefore, in order to be eligible for citizenship, you must renounce your original nationality and have lived in the country for at least five years.

To become a Dutch citizen, you must also pass the integration exam and have Dutch language proficiency at the A2 level.

EU Citizenship of Greece

Greece’s golden visa scheme is the easiest way to become a citizen.

Within 60 days of submitting an application, foreigners may reside in Greece under the Golden Visa Program. However, you must contribute to the country’s economy in order to be eligible for the program.

  • You must invest a minimum of 400,000 EUR in a Greece originated company that has a registered office in Greece
  • OR you must buy a property worth 250,000 EUR in Greece
  • OR you must buy bonds of the Greek government that are worth of minimum 400,000 EUR acquisition value
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 400,000 EUR in a Greece institution for at least a year and have a renewal order
  • OR you must deposit a minimum of 400,000 EUR in a real estate company that further invests just in Greece
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Greece supports dual nationality.

EU Citizenship of Italy

Italy has a protracted residency period. It takes 10 years to become a citizen of Italy, but if you can prove your heritage through a parent, grandparent, or even great-grandparent, you can get citizenship sooner.

If they work in Italy, you can reduce the 10-year residency requirements in half.

Additionally, if you were born in Italy but your parents were not citizens, you can petition for residency after three years of adult residence in Italy.

Finally, you can always use the golden visa scheme to petition for citizenship.

  • You must invest a minimum of 2 million EUR in Italian government bonds
  • OR you must invest a minimum of 500,000 EUR in Italian shares
  • OR you must invest a minimum of one million EUR in projects of public interest in Italy

Italy allows dual nationality.

EU Citizenship of Ireland

If you are a citizen of the UK, obtaining Irish citizenship will be simple for you.

Due to the Common Travel Area, you are free to pack your things and relocate to Ireland (CTA).

Naturalization is another way to acquire Irish nationality. You need to be in possession of a valid, five-year Irish resident permit. You can then apply for citizenship. Additionally, there are no language proficiency requirements. However, this is a difficult route for foreigners.

For citizens of the UK, however, it is simple because it enables them to simultaneously benefit from both the UK and Ireland since they are free to move, live, and work anywhere they choose. resulting in a special status for the citizens of both nations.

If one can demonstrate Irish or British ancestry, they may claim ancestral citizenship.

Through the Irish Immigrant Investor Program, you can apply.

  • You must invest 1 million EUR either by buying property or investing in an Irish-based business or in any government sector.

Only you will be qualified to seek for citizenship once you have fulfilled the five-year residency requirement after investing. Ireland does indeed permit dual citizenship.

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EU Citizenship of Luxembourg

A five-year residency permit in Luxembourg is necessary, as is language proficiency in speaking and hearing at the A2 level in either French, German, or Luxembourgish.

You can apply for citizenship after providing a good behavior certificate, language certificate, completion of residency certificate, and economic participation certificate.

EU Citizenship of Belgium

Additionally, becoming a citizen of Belgium is simple. You must provide evidence of paid taxes, five years of residence, and A2 proficiency in either of Belgium’s national languages, just like in Sweden and France (French, German or Dutch).

Dual nationality is permitted in Belgium as well.

EU Citizenship of Brazil

You can obtain British nationality after five years of residence in Brazil. You must achieve level B1 English language proficiency and pass the relevant test.

Additionally, you might declare your nationality based on your ancestry. Brazil permits dual citizenship.