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Is Real Estate Investment Trusts a Good Career Path in 2022?

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Yes, Real estate Investment Trusts(REIT) is a good career path. The industry allows people to invest in real estate without being involved in ownership or management.

The REIT industry has become an increasingly popular investment vehicle in recent years, as they offer investors a way to gain exposure to the real estate market while earning income from dividends.

The industry plays an important role in the economy by helping finance commercial properties’ development and renovation. They also create jobs and generate tax revenue for local governments. Hence, provide a valuable source of retirement income for many Americans.

This article discusses the benefits of working in real estate investment trusts and the skills needed to thrive in the industry.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Real Estate Industry?

You Get Paid Well

The real estate investment trust is lucrative and pays well.

Below are some of the jobs in the industry and how much they earn.

Real Estate Investment Trust Analyst

REIT analysts work closely with a company’s management team to help them understand how their business operates and what they should do to improve its performance. 

They are required to be experienced with financial statements and reports, along with strong analytical skills.

REIT Analyst earns– $5,104 Monthly & $61,252 Annually

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents work directly with customers to sell or buy a property. Agents are involved in commercial and residential properties. 

Real estate agent earns– $7,395 Monthly & $104,451 Annually

Property Manager

Property managers oversee rental properties and ensure that they meet the standards set out by the owner. A property manager might be responsible for hiring maintenance staff, negotiating leases, and resolving tenant complaints.

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Property Manager earns– $3,225 Monthly & $45,556 Annually 

Mortgage Banker

Mortgage bankers lend money to home buyers and sellers. Their job entails finding suitable borrowers, setting interest rates, and processing loan applications.

Mortgage banker earns– $6,201 Monthly & $87,589 Annually 

Loan Officer

 Loan officers work at banks and credit unions to approve loans and monitor repayment progress. They may interview applicants and perform credit checks before approving a loan.

Loan officer earns– $15,253 Monthly & $215,431 Annually 

Title Agent

Title agents search public records to determine whether a property is free of claim. They then prepare closing documents and file them with local authorities.

Title agent earns– $4,313 Monthly & $51,761 Annually 


Realtors act as intermediaries between potential buyers and sellers. They advertise properties for sale, negotiate contracts, handle inspections, and manage transactions.

Realtor earns– $6,890 Monthly & $97,314 Annually 

Your Job Is Secure

REITs aren’t affected by the fluctuation of the stock market. So even if the economy dives, you won’t be affected in your place of work.

 Flexible Working Hours

It’s quite easy to stay at home and work in the industry. You easily decide the number of hours you intend to work each day.

You’ll Learn A Lot

You’ll learn much about business when working for a real estate investment trusts company. You’ll learn how to manage people and run a successful business.

What Skills Needed To Thrive In The Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Industry?

Sales Skills 

One of the major skills needed in any business is the ability to sell well. In the industry, you need to be able to sell yourself and your product. 

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You should always be able to educate your customers about the industry and how it’s being operated. If someone asks you if you can help them out, you should be able to tell them yes and give them some information about your services. 

Marketing Skills 

Marketing is another important skill that you need to learn. When people hear about something new, they want to know more about it. 

People want to know who else is doing it, their experiences, and how they can get involved. You ought to be able to provide these answers to potential customers.

Negotiating Skills 

Negotiation is another skill that you need to master. When trying to buy or sell something in the industry, you may not always get exactly what you want.

Sometimes, you must negotiate with the seller to get what you want. 

Management Skills 

Money management is another skill that you have to learn. You need to understand how much money the company is making and how much the company spends each month. 

Once you figure out how much money you have left over at the end of the month, you can decide whether the company needs to invest that money or use it for something else.

Accounting Skills

Accounting is another skill you must master if you want the company to run well. You will need to record all transactions and expenses in your books. 

This way, you can track the company’s income and where it comes from.

Legal Knowledge

Legal knowledge is another important skill you need to acquire to become a successful real estate investor. You will need to know the laws regarding real estate sales, mortgages, and contracts.

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If you’re seeking a new career promising a better financial future, you might want to consider Real Estate Investment Trusts. 

They can allow you to accrue considerable wealth and can easily be acquired with hard work and dedication.

We hope you find this article helpful!