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7 High Demand Courses In USA Universities For International Students


The US is one of the highest destinations for international students. Many students want to study in the country because of the high standard of education and the opportunity therein. Currently, they’re over 11,00,000 international students enrolled in various universities in the US. 

The requirements for studying in the US are very high but the need is prestigious. On this page, we’ve drafted the list of the 7 high demand courses in USA universities for international students to apply. These courses are extremely good in the labor market as they provide individuals with numerous employment opportunities and good pay after their studies. 


7 High Demand Courses In USA Universities For International Students


1. Engineering 

Engineering is one of the best jobs in the US. Ranging from high pay to job security, work flexibility, and all, you wouldn’t want to miss working in the US as an engineer.  They’re many categories of engineering such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, automobile, software engineering, metallurgical engineering, industrial engineering and so many more.

Although the requirements are not different from the general requirements to study in the US. However, applicants are required to have the following;

  • Applicants must’ve good grades in their math, physics, and chemistry before application. 
  • International students who are coming to study in the US are required to take mandatory English tests like IELTS or TOEFL. 
  • You’ll need a subject test certification. It is usually SAT/ACT for undergraduate applicants and GRE for postgraduates (masters). 

Note: Universities in the US are very competitive, depending on the university and the course you apply for. Make sure you present an impressive application. More so, they’re many scholarships for you to apply for and study engineering in the US. Check out them on their various websites and make your application. 


2. Medicine

Medicine is another course to study in the US. They’re lots of things you stand to benefit from if you study medicine in the US. Firstly, you’re entitled to use some of the best equipment in the world. 

The US medical schools and the healthcare system at large are top-notch. Although the fees are another big factor to consider, securing admission into a medical school in the US is a hard nut to crack. The competition is fierce (applicants from virtually every part of the world apply to the US to study). You’ve to work hard before you can secure admission to study medicine. 

The degree is very prestigious and there’s job security.  In fact, by 2029, the healthcare system in the US is expected to expand by 15% with up to 2.4 million job vacancies. Studying medicine in the US will give you a direct opportunity to get employed and work in the country. If you’re planning on applying for any US medical school, the following are what you need. 

  • You must have at least 55% in your intermediate exam from any recognized board in the US
  • You must have the required grades in chemistry, physics, and biology 
  • Such applicants who want to study medicine in the US must be more than 17 years 


3. Business Management

It might interest you to know that business management is the most applied course in the United States. The field of business is widely spread with lots of fields and subcourses for individuals to apply. 

The US is the biggest economy in the world, hence it provides an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. More so, they’re highly-ranked universities in the country which are extremely good at offering business courses. 

Currently, about 5 US universities are ranked among the top 10 business schools in the world. Universities like Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and  Penn Wharton are well-known in the country. 

Graduates from these business schools are well paid depending on the nature of their work. Such persons earn between $177,895 to $200,287 yearly. Do you’ve interested in studying any business-related courses before? This is a perfect encouragement for you!


4. Social Sciences

Social sciences consist of numerous courses you must’ve had in your mind. Not only are they done to help communicate thoughts and messages across the globe, but studying social science courses can give you a high-paying job. 

Economics is the most popular of them all. Graduates of economics are out there in the labor market as a perfect example. Other courses in social sciences include journalism, anthropology, and international relations. 

Apart from having high-paying jobs and allowing you to be active in work, there are numerous job opportunities in this field too. Universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Princeton University, Stanford University, and others are perfect for these types of courses.  

Entry workers are not necessarily rich but their take home is mouth watery. They earn between $159,600 to $166,800 yearly. 


5. Biotechnology

This course made it to the list here because of the things it entails. Individuals who are deeply rooted in research work and are very good in the field are hotcakes in the US. The course always works hand in hand with microbiology. Coupled with the fact that the US has some of the best research centers in the world, you wouldn’t want to miss studying this course over there. 

Some of the best universities to study it includes; Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Northeastern University. 


6. Computer Science

The course of computer science has to stand alone because it is a pillar that takes 50% of the world’s development. Being a computer expert in a country like the United States is a golden opportunity. The survey has it that up to 20,00,000 jobs are created in the IT sector every year. 

To become a computer scientist you have to enroll in a university and obtain a bachelor’s degree or more. They’re numerous good universities to do that. Currently, the best universities to study computer science in the US are; Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, and the University of California. 

The average salary for computer sciences differs depending on the individual’s specialization and place of work. Some computer scientists are stupendously rich, and others are average, but they’re all having good pay. 


7. Liberal Arts 

Liberal Arts courses are another field of study on their own. The courses in this field include; Psychology, American History and Literature, Education, International Relations, Theater Arts, and History. 

These courses are all four years depending on whether you want to advance your education or not. The employment rate is high for international students who are eligible to apply for their jobs. The pay is also mouth-watering depending on the nature of your work and your qualifications. Universities like Harvard, Stanford, and the likes of Columbia University are perfect destinations for these courses. 



No matter your course of study, there’s always an opportunity for you in the US. The United States is highly diversified both in human resources and ideologies. Almost every activity you may see in any part of the world goes on there. 

The aim of this article isn’t to discriminate against other courses out there. Opportunities are very much available, and every ambiguous individual has the liberty to try their luck. Good luck!